Cut Bank School District

PERSONNEL                                                                                                                                                 5251





The Board authorizes the Superintendent [school administrator] to accept on its behalf resignations from any school district employee.  The Superintendent [school administrator] shall provide written acceptance of the resignation, including the date of acceptance, to the employee setting forth the effective date of the resignation. 


Once the Superintendent [school administrator] has accepted the resignation it may not be withdrawn by the employee.  The resignation and its acceptance should be reported as information to the Board at the next regular or special meeting.



Legal Reference:                         Booth v. Argenbright, 225 M 272, 731 P2d 1318, 44 St. Rep. 227 (1987)




Policy History:

Adopted on:     10-  9-2007

Reviewed on:     9-11-2007

Revised on: