Cut Bank School District


PERSONNEL                                                                                                                                                 5255


Disciplinary Action


District employees who fail to fulfill their job responsibilities or to follow reasonable directions of their supervisors, or who conduct themselves on or off the job in ways that affect their effectiveness on the job, may be subject to discipline.  Behavior, conduct, or action that may call for disciplinary action or dismissal includes but is not limited to reasonable job-related grounds based on a failure to satisfactorily perform job duties, disruption of the District’s operation, or other legitimate reasons.


Discipline will be reasonably appropriate to the circumstance and will include but not be limited to a supervisor’s right to reprimand an employee and the Superintendent’s right to suspend an employee, with or without pay, or to impose other appropriate disciplinary sanctions.  In accordance with Montana law, only the Board may terminate an employee or non-renew employment.


The Superintendent is authorized to immediately suspend a staff member.




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Policy History:

Adopted on:      October 12, 2010

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