Cut Bank School District


Insurance Benefits for Employees


Newly hired employees will be eligible for insurance benefits offered by the District for the particular bargaining unit to which the employee belongs. Other employees will be offered benefits consistent with the District’s benefit plan, with the exceptions noted below:

1. Classified employees who are regularly scheduled to work less than thirty (30) hours per week will not be eligible for group health, dental and life insurance, and will not be considered to be a member of the defined employee insurance benefit groups.

2. Any permanent employee who is scheduled to work more than thirty (30) hours per week or more is eligible for benefits. Life insurance benefits shall accord with Board policy or the applicable CBA.

3. An employee who does not work during the summer, but who has been employed during the previous academic year, shall be eligible at his/her election to continue group health, dental and life insurance coverages during the summer months.

4. An employee who has not completed the required number of days must pay the total premium (employee and employer portion) for June, July and August by the last day of school. This payment is made to the District’s benefit clerk.

If an eligible employee wishes to discontinue or change health insurance coverage, it is incumbent upon the employee to initiate the action by contacting the personnel office and completing the appropriate forms. A medical examination at the expense of the employee may be required if the employee elects to join the District health insurance program after initially refusing coverage during the “open season” (July).

Anniversary dates of the health and dental insurance policies for the District shall be July 1st through June 30th.

Legal Reference:§ 2-18-702, MCA Group insurance for public employees and officers
§ 2-18-703, MCA Contributions

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Revised on: October 14, 2014