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Holidays for certified staff are dictated in part by the school calendar.  Temporary employees shall not receive holiday pay.  Part-time employees shall receive holiday pay on a prorated basis.


The holidays required for classified staff, by § 20-1-305, MCA, are:


1.      Independence Day

2.      Labor Day

3.      Thanksgiving Day

4.      Christmas Day

5.   New Year’s Day

6.      Memorial Day

7.      State and national election days when the school building is used as a polling place and the conduct of school would interfere with the election process of the polling place.


In those cases where an employee, as defined above, is required to work any of these holidays, another day shall be granted in lieu of such holiday unless the employee elects to be paid for the holiday in addition to the employee’s regular rate of pay for all time worked on the holiday.


In cases where one of the above holidays falls on Sunday, the following Monday shall not be a holiday.  In those cases where one of the above holidays falls on Saturday, the preceding Friday shall not be a holiday.


If a holiday occurs during the period in which vacation is being taken by an employee, the holiday shall not be charged against the employee’s annual leave.




Legal Reference:    § 20-1-305, MCA     School holidays


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