Cut Bank School District 


PERSONNEL                 5334




Classified and 12-month administrative employees will accrue annual vacation leave benefits in accordance with §§ 2-18-611, 2-18-612, 2-18-614 through 2-18-617 and 2-18-621, MCA.  Nothing in this policy guarantees approval for granting specific days as annual vacation leave in any instance.  The District will judge each request for vacation in accordance with staffing needs.


Employees are not entitled to any vacation leave with pay until they have been continuously employed for a period of six (6) calendar months.




Legal Reference:             § 2-18-611, MCA         Annual vacation leave

                                          § 2-18-612, MCA         Rate earned

                                          § 2-18-617, MCA         Accumulation of leave – cash for unused – transfer


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