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Employee Use of Cellular Phones and Other Electronic Devices


The Board recognizes that the use of cellular telephones and other electronic communication devices may be appropriate to help ensure the safety and security of District property, students, staff, and others while on District property or engaged in District-sponsored activities.  To this end, the Board authorizes the purchase and employee use of such devices, as deemed appropriate by the Superintendent.

District-owned cellular telephones and other devices will be used for authorized District business purposes.  Personal use of such equipment may be prohibited except in emergency situations.

Use of cellular telephones and other electronic communication devices in violation of Board policies, administrative regulations, and/or state/federal laws will result in discipline up to and including dismissal.

District employees are prohibited from using cell phones or other electronic communication devices while driving or otherwise operating District-owned motor vehicles, or while driving or otherwise operating personally-owned vehicles when transporting students on school-sponsored activities.

Emergency Use

Staff are encouraged to use any available cellular telephone in the event of an emergency that threatens the safety of students, staff or other individuals. Crisis procedure protocol shall be followed in the event of a bomb threat.

Use of Personal Cell Phones and Communication Devices

Employees are strongly discouraged from using their personal cell phone during the school days.  When necessary, employees may use their personal cell phones and similar communication devices only during non-instructional time.  In no event shall an employee’s use of a cell phone interfere with the employee’s job obligations and responsibilities.  If such use is determined to have interfered with an employee’s obligations and responsibilities, the employee may be disciplined in accordance with the terms of the collective bargaining agreement and Board policies.


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