Cut Bank School District



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The Board shall:


The Superintendent shall:




Select the Superintendent and delegate to him/ her all necessary administrative powers


Serve as chief executive officer of the District.




Adopt policies for the operations of the school system and review administrative procedures.


Recommend policies or policy changes to the Board and develop procedures which implement Board policy.




Formulate a statement of goals reflecting the philosophy of the District.


Provide leadership in the development, operation, supervision and evaluation of the educational program.




Adopt annual objectives for improvement of the District.


Recommend annual objectives for improvement of the District.




Approve courses of study.


Recommend courses of study.




Approve textbooks.


Recommend textbooks.




Approve the annual budget.


Prepare and submit the annual budget.




Employ certificated and classified staff, in its discretion, upon recommendation of the Superintendent.


Recommend candidates for employment as certificated and classified staff.




Authorize the allocation of certificated and classified staff.


Recommend staff needs based on student enrollment, direct and assign teachers and other employees of the schools under his/her supervision; shall organize, reorganize and arrange the administrative and supervisory staff, including instruction and business affairs, as best serves the District, subject to the approval of the Board.




Approve contracts for construction, remodeling, or major maintenance.


Recommend contracts for major construction, remodeling or maintenance.







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The Board shall:


The Superintendent shall:


Approve payment of vouchers and payroll.


Recommend payment of vouchers and payroll.




Approve proposed major changes of school plant and facilities.


Prepare reports regarding school plant and facilities needs.




Approve collective bargaining agreements.


Assist in negotiation of collective bargaining agreements.




Assure that appropriate criteria and processes for evaluating staff are in place.


Establish criteria and processes for evaluating staff.




Appoint citizens and staff to serve on special Board committees, if necessary.


Recommend formation of ad hoc citizensí committees.




Conduct regular meetings.


As necessary attend all Board meetings and all Board and citizen committee meetings, serve as an ex-officio member of all Board committees and provide administrative recommendations on each item of business considered by each of these groups.




Serve as final arbitrator for staff, citizens and students.


Inform the Board of appeals and implement any such forthcoming Board decisions.




Promptly refer all criticisms, complaints, and suggestions called to its attention to the Superintendent.


Respond and take action on all criticism, complaints, and suggestions as appropriate.




Authorize the ongoing professional enrichment of its administrative leader as feasible.


Undertake consultative work, speaking engagements, writing, lecturing, or other professional duties and obligations.




Approve appropriate District expenditures recommended by the Superintendent for the purpose of ongoing District operations.


Diligently investigate and make purchases that benefit the most efficient and functional operation of the District.




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