Cut Bank School District




Evaluation of Administrative Staff


Each administrator shall be evaluated annually in order to provide guidance and direction to the administrator in the performance of his/her assignment.  Such evaluation shall be based on the job description, accomplishment of annual goals and performance objectives, and established evaluative criteria.


The Superintendent shall establish procedures for the conduct of these evaluations.  Near the beginning of the school year, the Superintendent shall inform the administrator of the criteria to be used for evaluation purposes, including the adopted goals for the District.  Such criteria shall include performance statements dealing with leadership; administration and management; school financing; professional preparation; effort toward improvement; interest in students, staff, citizens and programs; and staff evaluation.


Both staff members involved in the evaluation conference shall sign the written report and retain a copy for their records.  The person being evaluated shall have the right to submit and attach a written statement to the evaluation within a reasonable time following the conference.




Cross Reference:            6140            Duties and Qualifications of Administrative Staff Other Than Superintendent


Legal Reference:            10.55.701, ARM            Board of Trustees


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