Cut Bank School District




Federal Impact Funds


A policy and procedure of this nature is necessary in order to be eligible to receive Title VIII funds to provide programs for eligible Indian students.


When submitting the Impact Aid application for federal assistance, the District must provide assurance that it has established the required policies and procedures.  In addition to submitting the policies and procedures, the District must ensure that:


1.                  tribes and parents were informed, consulted, and involved;


2.                  a statement indicating that the District has on file a list of names and addresses of parents that participated in hearings or other such meetings;


3.                  dates when proposed policies were considered by the Board (first reading, second reading, etc.);


4.                  how policies and procedures reflect the views of parents of Indian children; and


5.                  how policies and procedures have been disseminated to the tribes and parents.


While the amendments provide for the involvement of parents of Indian children, such recommendations are advisory only.  The Board has the final authority on policy decisions of the District.




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