Cut Bank School District




Federal Impact Funds


As part of its annual review of the school program, the District shall conduct public hearings and information sessions during the months of March and April of each year in each attendance area where there are Indian students.  All parents of Indian students shall be invited to attend these meetings.  The tribal center shall also be invited to send representatives.  At the hearings, the District shall:


1.                  review the identified needs of the District;


2.                  discuss proposed programs and services which are being considered to satisfy the stated needs; and


3.                  solicit input from parents and/or tribal center representatives.


Prior to the adoption of the budget, a final hearing shall be held to review the planned programs which are incorporated in the District budget.


The Impact Aid fund is a non-budgeted fund, and District trustees have sole discretion to expend the dollars in accordance with the Indian Policies and Procedures for Impact Aid and District policy.




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