Cut Bank School District #15




Endowments, Gifts, and Investments


The Board may accept gifts, endowments, legacies, and devises subject to the lawful conditions imposed by the donor. Endowments received by the District will be deposited to an endowment fund as an expendable or non-expendable trust. Neither the Board nor the Superintendent will approve any gifts that are inappropriate. Unless the conditions of the endowment instrument require immediate disbursement, money deposited in the endowment fund shall be invested by the Board according to the provisions of the Uniform Management of Institutional Funds Act (Title 72, chapter 30, MCA).


The Board authorizes the Superintendent to establish procedures for determining the suitability or appropriateness of all gifts to be received and accepted by the District.


The Board directs that all school funds be invested in a prudent manner so as to achieve maximum economic benefit to the District. Funds not needed for current obligations may be invested in investment options as set out in Montana statutes, whenever it is deemed advantageous to the District to do so.




Legal Reference: 20-6-601, MCA Power to accept gifts

20-7-803, MCA Authority to accept gifts

20-9-212, MCA Duties of county treasurer

20-9-213(4), MCA Duties of trustees

20-9-604, MCA Gifts, legacies, devises, and administration of endowment fund


Policy History:

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Revised on: November 12, 2002