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Advertising in Schools/Revenue Enhancement


Revenue enhancement through a variety of District-wide and District approved marketing activities, including but not limited to advertising, corporate sponsorship, signage, etc., is a Board-approved venture.  These opportunities are subject to certain restrictions as approved by the Board in keeping with the contemporary standards of good taste. Such advertising will seek to model and promote positive values for the students of the District through proactive educational messages and not just traditional advertising of a product.  Preferred advertising includes messages that encourage student achievement and the establishment of high standards of personal conduct.


All sponsorship contracts will allow the District to terminate the contract at least on an annual basis if it is determined that it will have an adverse impact on implementation of curriculum or the educational experience of students.


The revenue derived should:


1.                Enhance student achievement;

2.                Assist in the maintenance of existing District athletics and activity programs; and

3.                Provide scholarships for students participating in athletic, academic and activity programs who demonstrate financial need and merit.


Appropriate opportunities for these marketing activities include but are not limited to:


1.                Fixed signage

2.                Banners

3.                District-level publications

4.                Television and radio broadcasts

5.                Athletic facilities, to include stadiums, high school baseball fields, and high school gymnasiums

6.                District level projects

7.                Expanded usage of facilities beyond traditional use (i.e., concerts, rallies, etc.)

8.                Interior and exterior of a limited number of District buses only if the advertising is associated with student art selected by the District.  The only advertising information will note that the student art is sponsored by the participant in the District sponsorship.  Maintenance for these buses will include but not exceed normal maintenance costs.

9.                Individual school publications (when not in conflict with current contracts)


Advertising will not be allowed in classrooms, and corporate-sponsored curriculum materials are subject to the requirements of Board policy.


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The following restrictions will be in place when seeking revenue enhancement.  Revenue enhancement activities will not:


1.                Promote hostility, disorder or violence

2.                Attack ethnic, racial or religious groups

3.                Discriminate, demean, harass or ridicule any person or group of persons on the basis of gender

4.                Be libelous

5.                Inhibit the functioning of the school and/or District

6.                Promote, favor or oppose the candidacy of any candidate for election, adoption of any bond/budget issues or any public question submitted at any general, county, municipal or school election

7.                Be obscene or pornographic as defined by prevailing community standards throughout the District

8.                Promote the use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, firearms or certain products that create community concerns

9.                Promote any religious or political organization

10.            Use any District or school logo without prior approval




Cross Reference:      2120      Curriculum Development and Assessment

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2311      Instructional Materials


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