Cut Bank School District

FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT                                                                                                               7336


Travel Allowances and Expenses


The District will reimburse employees and trustees for travel expenses while traveling outside the District and engaged in official District business.  District employees who are not exempted by another policy will be reimbursed according to the current state levels pursuant to Montana law.  All travel expenses must be reported on the established travel expense and voucher forms and approved by the employee’s supervisor and the Superintendent.


The District business office is responsible for development of procedures and forms to be used in connection with travel expense claims and reimbursements.




Legal Reference:           § 2-18-501, MCA         Meals, lodging, and transportation of persons in state service

                                          § 2-18-502, MCA         Computation of meal allowance

                                          § 2-18-503, MCA         Mileage – allowance


Policy History:

Adopted on:10/12/06

Revised on: