Cut Bank School District 


NONINSTRUCTIONAL OPERATIONS                                                                                             8123


Driver Training and Responsibility


Bus drivers shall observe all state statutes and administrative rules governing traffic safety and school bus operation.  At the beginning of each school year, the District will provide each driver with a copy of the District’s written rules for bus drivers and for student conduct on buses.


Each bus driver will meet the qualifications established by the Superintendent of Public Instruction, including possession of a valid Montana commercial driver’s license (with school bus “S” and passenger “P” endorsements), receive ten (10) hours of in-service annually, and Department of Transportation-approved physician’s certification that he or she is medically qualified for employment as a bus driver.  The bus driver shall secure a valid standard first aid certificate from an authorized instructor, within two (2) months after being employed, and maintain a valid first aid certificate throughout employment as a bus driver.  The bus driver must have five (5) years driving experience.


A school bus driver is prohibited from operating a school bus while using a cellular phone, including hands free cellular phone devices, except:

              (1) During an emergency situation;

              (2) To call for assistance if there is a mechanical breakdown or other mechanical


              (3) When the school bus is parked.


A teacher, coach, or other certified staff member assigned to accompany students on a bus will have primary responsibility for behavior of students in his or her charge.  The bus driver has final authority and responsibility for the bus.  The Superintendent will establish written procedures for bus drivers.




Legal Reference:           § 20-10-103, MCA       School bus driver qualifications

                                          10.7.111, ARM             Qualification of Bus Drivers

                                          10.64.201, ARM           Drivers

                                          § 50-46-205, MCA       Limitations of Medical Marijuana Act


Policy History:

Adopted on:  October 12, 2010

Reviewed on:

Revised on: