Cut Bank School District




Student Conduct on Buses


The Superintendent shall establish written rules of conduct for students riding school buses.  Such rules shall be reviewed annually by the Superintendent and revised if necessary.  If the rules are substantially revised, they shall be submitted to the Board for approval.


A copy of the rules of conduct for students riding buses shall be provided to students at the beginning of the year.  The classroom teacher and bus driver shall review the rules with the students at the beginning of each school year.  A copy of the rules shall be posted in each bus and shall be available upon request at the District office and in each building principal’s office.


The bus driver shall be responsible for enforcing the rules, and shall work closely with the parent and building principal to modify a student’s behavior.  The rules shall include consistent consequences for student misbehavior.


Recommendations for permanent termination of bus privileges will be referred to the Principal for final determination.  The termination may be appealed to the Superintendent.  No further appeal shall be allowed.


A recommendation to terminate bus privileges shall be accompanied by a written record of the incident(s) that led to the recommendation.




Cross Reference:            3310            Student Discipline

8111            Transportation of Students with Disabilities


Legal Reference:            § 20-4-302, MCA            Power of teacher or principal over pupils

§ 20-5-210, MCA   Duties and sanctions


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