Cut Bank School District




Food Services


The District supports the philosophy of the National School Lunch Program and shall provide wholesome, appetizing and nutritious meals for children in the District's schools. The Board may authorize a portion of the federal funds received in lieu of taxes to be used to provide free meals for federally connected indigent pupils.


Because of the potential liability of the District, the food services program shall not accept donations of food without the approval of the Board. Should the Board approve a food donation, the Superintendent shall establish inspection and handling procedures for the food and determine that the provisions of all state and local laws have been met before selling the food as part of the school meals.




The District shall use food commodities made available under the Federal Food Commodity Program for school meals.


Free and Reduced Price Food Services


The District shall provide free and reduced price meals to students according to the terms of the National School Lunch Program and the laws, rules and regulations of the state. The District shall inform parents of the eligibility standards for free or reduced price meals. Identity of students receiving free or reduced price meals will be confidential in accordance with the National School Lunch Program guidelines. A parent has the right to appeal any decision with respect to his/her application for free or reduced price food services to a designated hearing official.


The Board may establish programs whereby meals may be provided in the District in accordance with National School Lunch Program guidelines.


The amount charged for such meals shall be sufficient to cover all costs of the meals, including preparation labor, food costs, handling costs, utility costs, and equipment depreciation costs.


Legal Reference: 20-10-204, MCA Duties of trustees

20-10-207, MCA Food services fund

20-10-205, MCA Allocation of federal funds to school fund services fund


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