Cut Bank School District




District Safety


The Board recognizes that safety and health standards should be incorporated into all aspects of the operation of the District. Rules for safety and prevention of accidents shall be posted in compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) requirements. Injuries and accidents shall be reported to the District office.


The building principal shall develop a plan of fire, civil defense, tornado and earthquake warning, protection and evacuation. This plan shall be distributed to each teacher at the beginning of each school year. There shall be at least eight (8) disaster drills a year, four (4) of which shall be fire drills. The drills shall be held at different hours of the day or evening to avoid distinction between drills and actual disasters.


The Superintendent shall develop necessary safety and health standards which comply with the Montana Safety Culture Act.




Legal Reference: 20-1-402, MCA Number of disaster drills required - time of drills to vary

39-71-1501, et seq., MCA Montana Safety Culture Act


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