Cut Bank School District




Records Management


A fireproof vault will be provided for the permanent retention of records, including Board minutes, annual audit reports, employment records of all staff, and permanent student records.


At the beginning of each fiscal year, an application for destruction of records, per state statute, is completed and forwarded to the local government records subcommittee for approval. Upon approval from the local government department, a list of all records having met retention requirements will be presented to the Board for consideration to be destroyed. After receiving approval from the Board, the records are shredded. Records may be destroyed as set forth in 20-1-212, MCA, and 2-6-401, et seq., MCA.


All records related to the hiring process shall be retained for at least two (2) years. Student records must be permanently kept, and employment records must be kept for ten (10) years after termination.




Legal Reference: 2-6-403, MCA Duties and responsibilities

20-1-212, MCA Destruction of old records by officer

20-7-101(2), MCA Standards of accreditation

20-9-215, MCA Records destruction


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