Cut Bank School District


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Site Acquisition


The District will attempt to acquire building sites in advance of the actual construction of facilities in order to minimize delay in construction projects and to realize financial savings to the District.  The Board will periodically review its inventory of land in light of growth trends in the District and make such transactions as it determines shall best meet the future needs of the District.


In acquiring a new site, the Board must first secure the approval of the qualified electors before any contract for the purchase of such site is entered into, except that trustees may take an option on a site prior to the site approval election.  The Board may acquire property contiguous to a school site in use without such vote.  Site approval also is not necessary if it was specifically mentioned in a fund-raising issue which was subsequently approved by the electorate.




The Board may issue or redeem bonds in any manner as provided by law.




Legal Reference:            § 20-9-400, MCA            School bonds

§ 20-6-621, MCA            Selection of school sites, approval election

§ 20-6-603, MCA            Trustees’ authority to acquire or dispose of sites and buildings - when election required


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