Cut Bank School District




Architect and Engineering Services


The Superintendent or designee shall invite architects and/or engineers to express interest in performing such necessary planning services for the District. Advertising shall be designed to reach a wide geographical area to help insure gender and minority applicant consideration.


Interested firms will be requested to submit a state of qualifications and performance data to enable the Board to determine which architectural or engineering firm will best serve the needs of the District. Criteria for selection of a firm shall include, but not be limited to, quality and breadth of staff, design of similar projects, production capability, supervision and quality control, relationship with clients, cost estimates and budget control.


The Superintendent is directed to establish necessary procedures to solicit and screen qualified engineers and architects. The Superintendent shall recommend one or more firms to the Board for its consideration. The Board and the successful architectural or engineering firm shall enter into a contract for the necessary services. In the event the Board and the selected firm are unable to negotiate a fair and reasonable fee, the trustees may select another firm provided reasonable public notice of the selection is given.




Legal Reference: 20-6-631, MCA When contracts for architectural services required

20-6-633, MCA Negotiation of fees

18-2-113, MCA Architects on public buildings to be certified

18-2-114, MCA Seal and signature of architect on plans


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