Cut Bank School District




Contractor Assurance


No contract shall be let to any contractor who is not licensed or registered as required by the laws of this state. Nor shall a contractor be granted a contract unless a statement is submitted and sworn to which states that the contractor is in compliance with the state laws relating to prevailing wage and residence requirements for public works and with state and federal laws relating to non-discrimination in hiring. A statement to this effect must be a part of every appropriate contract.


No contract shall be let to any contractor if the provision conflicts with the provisions of 20-9-204, MCA.




Legal Reference: 2-2-303, MCA Agreements to appoint relative to office

18-2-402, MCA Standard prevailing rate of wages

18-2-430, MCA Preference of Montana labor in public works - wages

18-2-404, MCA Approval of contract - bond

20-9-204, MCA Conflicts of interest, letting contracts and calling for bids


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