Cut Bank School District


SCHOOL FACILITIES              9261


Sale of Real Property


Unless the property can be disposed of without a vote, the Board has the power to dispose of all District property only when the qualified electors of the District approve of such action at an election called for such approval or when the trustees adopt a resolution stating their intention to dispose of the property.  When the trustees adopt such a resolution, they shall schedule a meeting to consider a resolution to authorize the sale of the real property.  The conduct of the meeting and any such subsequent appeals shall be in accord with § 20-6-604, MCA.


Receipts from the sale of real property shall be placed into the debt service fund, building fund, general fund or any combination of these three (3) funds at the discretion of the trustees.




Legal Reference:            § 20-6-603, MCA            Trustees’ authority to acquire or dispose of sites and buildings

§ 20-6-604, MCA            Sale or property when resolution passed after hearing - appeal procedure


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