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NMSAA Winter 2002 Meeting Minutes

by Tara Thielman, Secretary/Treasurer

NMSAA Winter Meeting Minutes

January 28, 2002

Shelby’s Superintendent’s Office


Meeting came to order at 9:20am


All present


Previous meeting’s minutes read and approved


Records of BBB tournament were announced


Seeding for BBB tournament was announced


Set up times for preliminary games at the end of meeting


Schedules for 2002-2003 discussed

              Scott Reding stated that Browning doesn’t wish to change

                            Coaches want to coach both ms & hs

                            Refs will get income in both fall and winter seasons

              Tara Thielman stated Conrad doesn’t wish to change for the same reasons

              Brian Barrows stated Sunburst will have a coaching shortage if the seasons are


              Jim Gregg stated that Cut Bank will also struggle with coaching

              Sharon Bonderud of Shelby agrees and also said there will be a problem of

                            gym space

              Bill Schlepp of Chester spoke of pushing up BBB games earlier in Nov.

              Tabled until the Spring meeting, but will probably change the BBB start time

                            to the 1st Monday after the GBB tournament


Discussion of the vb schedule occurred.


Constitutional Changes were discussed

              Scott Larson of Cut Bank proposed that the 2nd paragraph in track equipment

                            Should have the “No” deleted in “No cleats are allowed.

              Brian Hayes 2nd the motion

              Vote-passed unanimously


              Brian Barrows discussed having both a Top half and Bottom half tournament in

                            BBB & GBB

              Bill Schlepp discussed having a combo team tournament instead

              Discussion was tabled until the spring meeting


              Zone Defense Discussion

              Bill Schlepp doesn’t see how zone benefits the younger athletes. Fundamentals

                            should be taught before zone is allowed.


              Jim Gregg stated that zone was allowed because of the lack of enforcement

                            not allowing zone defense.

              Bill Schlepp motions to take away zone defense

              Squee Guardipee of Heart Butte 2nd s motion

              Jim Gregg is against the motion

              Tara Thielman is also against the motion and would like to discuss it with her

                            coaches before voting either way.

              Scott Reding would also like to ask input from his coaches.

              Brian Barrows suggested that the Zone defense should not be allowed in 7th grade,

                            but allowed in 8th grade.

              Motion was tabled until spring. Bring back input of coaches.


              Volleyball Serving line

              Brain Hayes proposed that the serving line for 7th graders be moved up 3ft. the

                            first week of the seasons matches and then gradually moved back each

                            week until the serving line is in the proper place for the tournaments.

              Tara Thielman stated that’s how UMS coaches choose our traveling teams and is

                            therefore against the proposal.

              Proposal tabled until spring meeting. Bring back input from coaches.


Wrestling discussion

              Tara Thielman said that Kevin will be in touch with all wrestling coaches regard-

                            ing the matches in Conrad scheduled for March 2nd.  Kevin will probably

                            re-schedule the matches for the 1st instead.

              Scott Larson and Brian Hayes both stated that Thursday, Feb. 28th would be better

                            as they are both manning tables at the NAIA National Tournament in GF

                            on the 1st and 2nd.

              Tara said she would get that information to Kevin, and he will be in touch ASAP.


Discussion of recapping the wrestling and volleyball seasons took place next.


Tara Thielman stated that the NMSAA checking account is having $2.00 deducted every

              month for a service charge.  She wants permission to see if the fee can be waives

              since there is so little activity. This was granted.  She was also granted permission

              to check other institutions for a better deal if Wells Fargo won’t work with her.

              She will go to the bank after the meeting to see what can be done.


New Trophy Discussion

              Scott Larson has the new trophies, and they will be put into circulation as the

              seasons’ end. 

              Jim Gregg said that he will get the 7th grade GBB trophy to Conrad ASAP.


Track Schedule Change

              Cut Bank will host everyone on April 13th.

              Shelby will host everyone on April 20th.  Browning will co-host.

p. 3

Final Four BBB tournament

              8th Grade boys will play first on Saturday. The 7th grade tournament will take

                            place immediately after the 8th grade tourney.  Both will be in the H.C.

                            Davis Gym in Cut Bank. Jim will fax all information this afternoon.


Meeting was adjourned at 10:45

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