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 Article V - Meetings:

Section I:

A fall meeting shall be held prior to girls' basketball tournament. A winter meeting shall be held prior to boys' basketball tournament. A mid-winter meeting will be held prior to the girls' volleyball tournament. A spring meeting will be held to do scheduling for the upcoming year. Each meeting will be held at an hour and place to be designated by the president. Any member school district that is not represented at these meetings/or has not made other arrangements for not being represented can be removed from the association by a majority vote of the membership.

Section II:

Special meetings may be called by the president.

Section III:

Association meetings shall be open to all administrators and appropriate personnel of member schools. All such persons shall have a right to the floor for discussion. Voting rights and the making of motions are reserved to the administrator of each member school or his/her designated representative, one vote per school.

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