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NMSAA 2016 Winter I Meeting Minutes

sub for Sec/Treasurer by Loren Tacke

Winter 2016 Minutes
Cut Bank
Monday, December 5, 2016
9:00 am

Members Present: Jim Gregg , Gail Hofstad -Cut Bank, Loren Tacke-Fairfield, Mike White-Shelby, John Shepard-Choteau, Everett Armstrong-Browning, Jim Carroll, Bret Morehouse-Conrad, Michael Hairsine-DLS, Mark Irvin-Havre, Mona Sunchild, Deborah LeMere-Rocky Boy.
Members Absent: Courtney Bake-Fairfield, Tamara Guardipee-Boarding Dorm.

Meeting called to order @ 9:00 AM

Correction/Additions to Agenda
The following were additions to the agenda:
Track proposal will be item X.
Volleyball schedule will be item XI.
Basketball question will be item XII.

Reading of previous minutes
No corrections
Motion to approve made by: Michael Hairsine-DLS, Seconded by: Everett Armstrong-Browning.
Motion Passed

Treasures Report

Currently in checking: $484.48

Teams that have paid dues:
Choteau, Cut Bank, DLS and Fairfield

Agenda Items:
Constitutional wording changes:
None at this time.

Items VIII & IX
Havre MS request to join NMSAA-
Mark Irvin-Havre spoke about all of the positives of Havre joining the NMSAA. He hoped that this would be a positive for the league as well.
Motion to bring Havre into the NMSAA was made by Loren Tacke-Fairfield, seconded by Jim Carroll-Conrad.
Motion Passed.
Mona Sunchild, Deborah LeMere-Rocky Boy also spoke about the advantages for Rocky Boy to join the league. They felt that this would also benefit everyone as most of the NMSAA teams are teams they will compete against in high school.
Motion to bring Rocky Boy into the NMSAA was made by Everett Armstrong-Browning, seconded by Michael Hairsine-DLS. Motion passed.

Item X
Proposal to change hurdle height.
Gail Hofstad -Cut Bank spoke about moving the hurdle height for the short hurdle races from their current height to 33” for girls and 36” for boys. Jim Carroll-Conrad also spoke in favor of changing the heights; Jim felt it will add some continuity in the transition from JH to HS. Jim Gregg-Cut Bank moved to move the hurdle height to 33” for girls and 36” for boys in the short races and have it go into effect in the 2017 season, seconded by Conrad. Motion passed.

Item XI
Discussion of Volleyball Schedule
Jim Gregg-Cut Bank opened the discussion with concerns that if we bring 6th grade up for VB we will have to many teams and could have the possibility of having to play up to 12 games on a Saturday. He was also concerned that some schools would not have the availability to run 3 nets and this would also cause a long day for the traveling teams. Jim Carroll-Conrad also expressed concern on what numbers would look like when Havre and Rocky Boy join the league next year. The question arose as to how many teams each school would have this year. A straw poll was taken of the current league teams, results are as follows.

Team 8th Grade 7th Grade 6th Grade
Cut Bank

Loren Tacke-Fairfield stated that if all the teams were to bring up the 6th grade into the 7th grade schedule we would have 17 7th grade teams and this number was too large to hold any type of one day tournament. Mike White-Shelby discussed the fact that if we were to bring 6th graders up for VB why we don’t do the same for basketball.
It was also discussed by the group that if one team gets to bring up 6th graders every team would want to do the same. After more discussion it was the consensus of the group that only teams like DLS that need 6th graders to fill a team are allowed to bring 6th graders into the 7th grade schedule. It was also the consensus of the group that each school should schedule their 6th grade games as they see fit. If a school can host 6th grade on Saturday that is fine, if they need to schedule on a weekday and that is what each school wants then that is what should be done. Jim Carroll-Conrad reminded the group that with the start date we set last spring there will only be 8 days of practice before the first day of competition. Jim Gregg-Cut Bank agreed but stated that we are not under the MHSA so as long as each school is okay with only 8 days we are fine.
John Shepard-Choteau reminded everyone that he cannot host the VB tournament due to a conflict with the Choteau Classic. All the teams stated they would be going to the Havre invite.

Item XII
Basketball Question
Jim Gregg-Cut Bank explained that Shelby and DLS did not play each other in the regular season. This really did not change the 8th grade standings but could have an effect on the 7th grade standings. There was discussion as to what should be done, each team could be given a loss, or we could use winning percentage points to determine a winner. Everett Armstrong-Browning said that he was in favor of giving Shelby the win and moving them to second place ahead of Browning A. Michael Hairsine-DLS agreed that Shelby would have most likely defeated DLS and he was in favor of moving them to second place. The group agreed. Jim Carroll-Conrad discussed the possibility of Taylor points as a method for breaking ties. It was decided that we would continue using what we have in the constitution for tie breakers.
The final standings are as follows:
7th Grade – 1st Browning B, 2nd Shelby, 3rd Browning A, 4th Conrad, 5th Fairfield, 6th Boarding Dorm, 7th DLS and 8th Cut Bank.
8th Grade – 1st Conrad, 2nd Shelby, 3rd Fairfield, 4th Browning B, 5th Browning A, 6th Cut Bank, 7th DLS and 8th Choteau.
Browning B will host 7th grade tournament and Conrad will host the 8th grade tournament.

Next meeting will be: Monday, February 6th @ 9:00 am. This will be an ITV meeting

Motion by Mike White-Shelby, seconded by Michael Hairsine-DLS
Motion passed.

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