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NMSAA April 2006 Spring Scheduling Meeting Minutes

by Tara Thielman, Secretary/Treasurer

NMSAA 2006 Spring Meeting

April 24, 2006

Shelby Administration Building


Meeting brought to order at 9:15 AM.


All present except Heart Butte.


Jack Underwood stated that this will be his last meeting as AD for Cut Bank. He’s moving to Laurel.


No corrections or additions to minutes. Brian motioned to accept. Seconded by Dustin. Motion passed.


Discussion regarding no zone in the 7th grade basketball took place. Valier said they would not like zone in 7th grade. Shelby concurred. Most discussion said that no zone should remain in 7th grade. How is it going to be officiated? No motion.


Discussion of the 10-point no zone rule for 8th grade. Most agreed that zone should be allowed all throughout the game. Motion to eliminate in constitution the no zone rule once ahead by 10 points—it should be no press should by allowed once ahead by 10 points. Motioned. Seconded. Motion passed.


Wrestling scheduling and weight class discussion took place. Wrestling coaches felt that their season was a lot shorter than volleyball. Both were confirmed to be 8 weeks long. There was a concern that the wrestling season overlapped track this year.


Wrestling weight classes discussion regarding the upper end of the weight classes possibly to add a super heavy weight class. Motion to schedule wrestling but to put the discussion on the fall meeting once we can talk to our wrestling coaches. Motion seconded. Passed unanimously.


Wrestling scheduling discussion again took place. Coaches can schedule duals and triangulars on weekdays and keep weekend meets.


Constitutional wording changes such as discipline for major rule infractions discussion took place. Heart Butte has missed the last two scheduling meetings. Brian moved that NMSAA remove Heart Butte from the NMSAA for the 2006-2007 school year.


5 Minute recess.


Reconvened. Previous motion repeated. Passed unanimously. Heart Butte will be sent a letter.  .


Boarding Dorm membership was discussed. Problems discussed such as kids not staying at the BD, but not living there. How does this stop an all star team from being formed? Boarding Dorm. The constitution states that the following schools are members of the NMSAA. Should we change the constitution to state that the Boarding Dorm has been grand-fathered in to the league. Browning says they don’t have a problem with the Boarding Dorm being in the league. Request that Browning and the Boarding Dorm police themselves about eligibility and kids staying at the Boarding Dorm. When the BD were admitted to the NMSAA, most Ads thought it was a school. The big problem is whether or not


Motion: The Boarding Dorm has been grand-fathered into our league as a separate entity and not a school. The constitution wording needs to be changed. Seconded. Motion:  passed with one opposed. 


Scheduled wrestling.

Schedule mid week dates for wrestling with coaches on your own.

Scheduled track.

Scheduled GBB, BBB, & VB

BBB—EG7th & BD8th (traveling together)

VB—EG7th & DLS8th (traveling together)


Meeting called back to order.


Schedules due to Tara for master schedule by Thursday, May 4th. I’ll notify ADs on May 5th if I don’t have them.


AD meeting dates.

Monday, October 23, 2006 9:00 AM

Monday, January 15, 2006 9:00 AM

Monday, March 12, 2006 9:00 AM

Monday, April 23, 2006 9:00 AM


Election of Officers: Same as this (Tara—Sec./Treas. and Jim—Pres.) year. Voted & passed unanimously.


GBB, BBB, & GVB rosters must be in to members of NMSAA and the web-master of the league with names, numbers, and team designation by the Wednesday before the first games are played.


Discussion occurred regarding HB playing using NMSAA rules. Membership agreement to follow the NMSAA procedures and will be handled according to league rules. Protests will be discussed at the next league meeting following the protested game(s).


Motion to adjourn the meeting at 12:05. Seconded. Passed unanimously.

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