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NMSAA March 2007 MID-WINTER Meeting Minutes

by Tara Thielman, Secretary/Treasurer

NMSAA Late Winter Meeting

March 12, 2007

Shelby Supt. Office

9:00 AM


Meeting is called to order at 9:10 AM


Roll call: all present


Previous meeting minutes read: approved as amended Motion passed unanimously.


Treasurer’s report: $670.07 in checking acct.


Discussion regarding mini-javelin took place. Shawn Clark brought picture and said that this mini javelin cannot be thrown very far. Shawn said that CB & CON HS coaches thought that this would be a good idea. Same size javelin for girls and boys would be used. 300 gram javelin is the most common javelin thrown by middle school kids. Total school curriculum kit (javelins instructional video, etc.) is available from UAS. Jeb is concerned for the number of workers and how kids are going to get from one event to another. Shawn said that it’s our goal to get as many kids involved as possible. This would allow for this. Jim Graham wondered about NMSAA going to same format that HSs follow. Hurdle height discussion also took place. EG motioned to adopt the mini javelin at 300 grams. Second. Further discussion. CB feels that if we do adopt this, we do it for the 2008 season. We could have problems finding coaches to teach proper technique. EG motion amended to adopt the 300 gram mini javelin for the 2008 season for both boys & girls. Seconded by VAL. Vote: 12 Aye 1 Nay. Motion passed.


Discussion regarding conference scheduling after season begins took place. Shelby asked about the consequence for teams who pull out after the season begins. None exists now. Shawn said that we should know how many 6th & 7th graders there are this year to know if a school needs to schedule 2 teams per grade or not when we have our spring scheduling takes place. If another team is developed after conference scheduling, that team will play a non-conference schedule.


Membership input for multiple game days, especially VB. Cut Bank is worried about the cost factors. Should we just schedule during the week and not have multiple team days? Maybe we need to take a look at the wording regarding entry fees regarding invitational meets and final four tournaments. In volleyball have up official be MOA and down official not have to be MOA, is this a possibility?  All schools are in the same boat as far as costs are concerned.


Add Clarification Constitutional wording changes to the spring meeting agenda:

Add clarification for MOAs for all playoffs and final four weeks.

Clarification for a rosters—should it be first, last name, grade, and number. VAL said they would like to see grade listed as well for clarification for other schools.

We need to clarify which team these kids are on.


EG motioned that all sports teams have to be scheduled at the spring conference scheduling meeting. Any team formed after the scheduling meeting will play a non-conference schedule. Seconded by BMS Tara will find the appropriate place in the constitution. Vote passed unanimously.


CB is proposing mini track meets this spring on Thursday, April 19 @ 4:30, Tuesday, April 24 @ 4:15, Thursday, May 3 @ 4:30. If any schools are interested in these mini meets it is suggested that the larger participant schools (Conrad, Chester, Shelby) take separate dates. The smaller participant schools (Sunburst, Browning, De La Salle, Heart Butte, Valier) could participate in all three. This will allow the meet to be completed at a reasonable time for teams to return home.


April 21st—Valier will host the track meet @ Valier 9:00.


Scheduling discussion took place. Valier wanted to know if they can host the final four on Friday, March 16th instead of Saturday, March 17th. Start time could be as early as 4:00 PM. Donna Sparks came in late for Shawn Clark. 8th grade Final Four bracket is amended to Friday, March 15th. 1st game is at 4:00 PM.


Scheduling for final four tournament took place. Home team must report scores immediately after the matches.


Email names, email addresses, & fax numbers of our track coaches to Jim Gregg.


Next meeting April 23 at 9:00.


Motion to adjourn made by SB. Second by EG. Meeting adjourned.

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