Thank your for.......
  • Respecting individual space and property.
  • Using appropriate language and mannerisms.
  • Removing your hats.
  • Keeping hallways clean.
  • Being in class on time.
  • Bringing all materials needed to class.
  • Respecting your teacher and fellow students.
  • Participating in class.
  • Fallowing directions.
  • Completing all assignments.
  • Respecting school property and personal property.
  • Reamaining in class until excused.
  • Honoring all requests made by your teacher.
  • Keeping you classroom clean.



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Mr. Ayers's Classroom
This Is Sweet!

Mr. Ayers...

Favorite Saying: Life is tough; it's even tougher when your stupid.

I grew up in Fort Benton.

My hobbies are Team Trout and collecting star wars figures.

The highlight of my career is getting my master's degree after only eight years of teaching.


8:10-8:44 Advisory Group

1st Period 8:45-9:35 Science/Math

2nd Period 9:39-10:29 Math/Science

3rd Period 10:34-11:24 Health/Computers/P.E.

11:24-11:55 Lunch/Recess

4th Period 11:55-12:45 English

5th Period 12:49-1:40 Reading

6th Period 1:44-2:35 Prep

7th period 2:39-3:20