Thank your for.......
  • Respecting individual space and property.
  • Using appropriate language and mannerisms.
  • Removing your hats.
  • Keeping hallways clean.
  • Being in class on time.
  • Bringing all materials needed to class.
  • Respecting your teacher and fellow students.
  • Participating in class.
  • Fallowing directions.
  • Completing all assignments.
  • Respecting school property and personal property.
  • Reamaining in class until excused.
  • Honoring all requests made by your teacher.
  • Keeping you classroom clean.



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Mr. Dodson...

My Favorite Color is blue.

I went to High School in Lake Oswego, Oregon.

My hobbies are fishing and golfing.





8:10-8:44 Advisory Group

1st Period 8:45-9:35 Science/Math

2nd Period 9:39-10:29 Math/Science

3rd Period 10:34-11:24 Health/Computers/P.E.

11:24-11:55 Lunch/Recess

4th Period 11:55-12:45 English

5th Period 12:49-1:40 Reading

6th Period 1:44-2:35 Prep

7th period 2:39-3:20