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Physical Education

The sixth grade physical education program had set a goal to introduce as many life time skills as possible. In the fall we will introduce students to golf and tennis. As the weather becomes more inclement we will have units on volleyball, badminton, and bowling. A special hi-light of winter is out annual trek to Showdown for a unit on downhill skiing. The spring gives us the opportunity to teach softball and fly fishing. Grades in P.E. are based on rubric that considers effort, behavior, and compliance with the rules that all students dress and shower.


The sixth grade science class explores all three areas of science: Life science, Physical Science, and Earth Science.


The focus for sixth grade during the year will be on grammar and usage. Grammar skills will be intergrated with the six writing traits to give the students an opportunity to convey and invest their own thoughts in the writing process. The writing modes will also be stressed to give students a sense of purpose for their writing.


Writing Traits



Sixth grade students are given the opportunity to use novel to acquire knowledge of the following skills: Plot, Characterization, Conflict, Setting, Point of View,Theme and Mood. Reading comprehension is also a focal point and is tied with the Accelerated Reading program. AR points are required each quarter according to each teacher.

Vocabulary is also an integral part of the reading process and requirements for the students. Emphasis is placed on using word attack skills and context clues as well as using resource materials to increase vocabulary.

There will be a variety of novels used during the year and book reports, written and oral will be assigned.



Our focus in sixth grade math is the mastery of the simple math facts: multiplication, addition, subtraction, and division tables


The 6th grade health class focuses around the development of self and awareness of others.

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