Lessons and Units


Persuasive Writing:  American Indian Mascots in Sports : Carmen Lunak

Art:  Storyboard using Pourquoi Stories: Linda Reynolds

Introduction to Ancient Civilizations Unit: Becky Kimmet

Blackfeet Tools: Mark Ayers

Blackfeet Tribal Court System: Dell Meuchel

Building a Rawhide Drum: Quinn Kelly

Word Origins: Rachel Brown

Day 1 -- Word Origins          Day 2 -- WebQuest             Day 3 -- Word Origins       Day 4 -- Group Poster Project

Day 5 -- Group Presentation     Rubric      Peer Evaluation     Prior Knowledge Quiz    Prior Knowledge Quiz Key

Student Evaluation    Essential Understandings       Word Origin Group Project     Word Origin Worksheet

Identifying Plants and Their Uses by the Blackfeet: Shannon Johnson

Montana History Unit - Introduction to the Early People & Tribes of Montana: Paul Schilling