Cut Bank School District 15

Cut Bank School District is exploring the possibility of a 4-day school week. Your input is important!
The school day would possibly be 1/2 hour longer and not extend into the summer.
If you have not previously completed this survey on Facebook, please click the link below to provide your input.

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Central Office

101 3rd Ave SE
Cut Bank, Montana 59427

(406) 873-2229 FAX (406) 873-4691

Bus Barn: (406) 873-4546

HS Door

101 3rd Ave SE
Cut Bank, MT 59427
(406) 873-5629
FAX (406) 873-4691

MS Door

101 3rd Ave SE
Cut Bank, MT 59427
(406) 873-4421
FAX (406) 873-4691

105 2nd Ave NW
Cut Bank, MT 59427
(406) 873-2411
FAX (406) 873-5367

HC Davis Door

15 2nd Ave SE
Cut Bank, MT 59427
(406) 873-5513
FAX (406) 873-4271

Glacier Elem

Hidden Lake Elem

Horizon Elem

Zenith Elem

ARP ESSER Plan Cut Bank Schools 2022-2023

Superintendent's letter concerning Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) report card - PDF

Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) report cards for the State of Montana - Search for Cut Bank in the ORGANIZATION pull down menu: Elementaries will break down by K-8 buildings; High School is 9-12. Click VIEW REPORT in upper right corner.

2022 Adult Ed Offerings

Contact Kelsey Brown to sign up

Other School's Event Rules 2021-2022

Harlem School District #12 - Mask mandate and distancing requirements at all Home sporting/extracurricular events.